Victim and Witness Tips When Appearing in Court
Provide the Prosecutor’s Office with your daytime phone and/or cell phone number and any other updated contact information.
Wear respectable attire to court (no shorts, tank tops, etc…).
Avoid distracting habits such as chewing gum.
Before testifying, try to recall information accurately in your mind.
Tell the truth.  Answer the questions to the best of your memory. Do not exaggerate.
Give positive, definite answers when possible.  Avoid saying, “I think”, “I believe” or “In my opinion”.  If you don’t know the answer or you don’t remember the answer, just say so.  If the question is about distance or time, and if your answer is only an estimate, be sure to say it is only an estimate.
Stop testimony immediately if the judge interrupts or an attorney or prosecutor makes an objection.
Speak loudly so that you can be heard. Do not nod “Yes” or “No”.
Listen carefully and answer ONLY the question that is asked of you. Do not volunteer additional information.
Explain your answer if necessary.  If a question can’t be truthfully answered with a “Yes” or “No”, you may explain this answer.
Do not give conclusions or opinions unless asked to do so.
Do not argue with the defense counsel.  Treat all parties to the proceeding, including the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the Judge, with courtesy and respect.
Notify the Prosecutor’s Office at (603) 283-3323 immediately if you change your address or phone number.
Call the Prosecutor’s Office if you need arrangements for handicapped and special needs.
Please note that City Hall – Keene District Court is a smoke free building.
Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to trial.
Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol the day before the trial.